Other Lines

Other Lines

From its very beginnings, the house Aubercy has sought to offer a different type of footwear. Not just in terms of the quality of the manufacturing, but also in the level of professionalism that goes into form and design, to provide the wearer with the comfort of the perfect fit, the enjoyment of shoe fitting made from robust materials, with an excellent footprint and unmatched aesthetic qualities.

To achieve this, Aubercy has designed all of its own models. It starts with a design and sketch to give the creation a pure style. The shoes are then manufactured on wooden forms with lines and curves that are unique and offer unmatched elegance.

Our passion and our design surprises and pleases real lovers of fine footwear from all over the world. Those who so often already have everything. This is what motivates us to constantly outdo ourselves, to try new things, to make daring innovations, and offer originality that is as bold as it is easy to wear, made of elegance, refinement and discretion. We offer true luxury. We want to share with clients our originality, modernity, and timelessness. We are proud of our values and the technical precision that has always been so precious to us.

These considerations, along with a lot of love for our craft and esteem for our faithful followers, mean that we are unrivaled in recent times in terms of our creative output. We have released more than one hundred original models, so a new arrival at Aubercy is sure to look like no other shoe you’ll find.

In this page, you’ll discover some of our latest treasures. Of course at this very moment, several other designs are in production in the capable hands of our talented artisans.