Care and repair by those who know your Aubercy best.

It was an obvious choice to celebrate the 80 year anniversary of Aubercy in 2015 by creating our own workshop of “Haute Cordonnerie (high quality shoe-repair)”.

The same way you have your collection car or prestigious watch, repaired by highly qualified artisans, the same thought must be applied to your beautiful shoes. A person who understands all the characteristics and abilities while having perfect technique.

When you spend this amount of time creating a shoe by hand at Aubercy, it is absolutely obvious to accompany the owner through all the stages of the shoes’ life. We want to ensure that for all the maintenance and repair needed, the same rigorous technique is applied.

From a simple change of heel, placing a new patina or sewing a Goodyear, the art form is still applied.

The Bespoke feel will live in this place, the same way it exists in our house. Every client can come and get the service it wants according to their own needs. Aubercy has the pleasure of providing you with an exceptional cobbler service, for shoes you bought from our House or any other prestigious brands.

Toe tap that you've never seen

Our half soles are of an unmatched durability.
Pick amongst our shapes or invent your own.

Blake or Goodyear,
we can resole all of your shoes.

Change is in the air.
Add your favorite color to your favorite shoes.

Discover our unique craftsmanship