Patina Workshop

Patina Workshop

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For house Aubercy, the most important thing is the shoe itself. Its technical qualities, the importance of the hand in its elaboration, the shoe fitting, the material chosen throughout each step. Not everything can be seen, but it will shape its character and forge its longevity.

The patina of a pair has always been for us an ethical question. When we’re selecting the best possible skins to create our shoes, and the work has been done by the exceptional hands of men and women, we prefer to not have it assailed with so many chemical products in order to remain as authentic as possible.


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The patina that harasses and changes the leather or makes it look like any other shoes has never been in the culture of our house.

If we decided to have our own patina workshop, it is essentially to allow us to only use techniques that respects our leather that we took great care to select.

Finally, it also allows us to listen to our aficionados in the expression of their needs and explore with them new aesthetics that respects their shoes.