Hand-sewn Goodyear

The term Goodyear is often obscured by methods that have become more and more industrialized. It uses materials (like base forms in glued canvas which are neither shapely nor strong) that are a far cry from those that should be used for shoes the way we design them. In this technical area, no matter what the product range, the ordinary is commonplace and omnipresent, but there is very little “whirlwind” or “instant repetition.”

We designed our Goodyear to turn this all around. We have the joy of making what no one makes anymore, because the Aubercy design house is one of the last, if not the only, in Paris to produce ready to wear hand-sewn Goodyear footwear.

There is no machine in our workshop that sews Goodyear welts, and we believe that’s the way every one of our shoes should be made. The extra soul that our shoes possess and the secret for the ultimate pleasure enjoyed by the wearer is due to the artisan’s hand.

When the Goodyear is hand-sewn, it creates a whole number of unimagined aspects that take you far above and beyond the ordinary. There are no base forms made from glued canvas in our shoes. We have welts that are hand-sewn in the thickness of the innersole. So what is needed is a natural material that is both thick and flexible, and of uncompromising quality. The result of this density is that each client will mold the shoe to his foot over time. This refined appointment is ample evidence that hand-sewn products are of incomparable quality.

Still, our highly qualified artisans really make all the difference. Their 30 years of experience result in incomparable durability and real beauty. Just like the welt wheel mark on our unequaled finish quality. Two hours of work are also required to sew one of our pairs, instead of the two minutes it takes when the task is automated on a machine.

So why do we continue in the traditional way when manufacturing has become so mechanized and where the only things that matter are the things you can see through aesthetic design tricks? Because we believe that each of our creations bears our name and requires our commitment to quality. Because our family’s independence allows us to work in our own way. For respect for our marvelous profession. So that every creation will be a way of honoring the great shoemakers that have come before us. Lastly and especially for the joy that comes from 75 years of making the most beautiful product. Because of comfort, technical perfection, our perfect sizing, and distinct quality, the Aubercy design house attracts loyal followers, not just customers.

If you are a true lover of footwear elegance, you have to try our shoes at least once so you can truly appreciate the difference. True connoisseurs know and wear our shoes, and everyone else just talks about them!