Hand-sewn Goodyear

Hand-sewn Goodyear


In its ready-to-wear collection, and for shoe lovers, Aubercy offers Goodyear process with a welt that is still hand-sewn today. This is quite unique in the universe of shoemaking in Paris. The term Goodyear is often obscured by methods that have become more and more industrialized. At Aubercy, we think of Goodyear as an object of craft in its purest form.

We believe that our shoes must be made in this fashion. It is the hand of the artisan that provides its soul as well as the pleasure of possessing a unique object. When Goodyear is hand-sewn, it adds tremendously to the feel and comfort of the shoe.

You won’t find any base forms made from glued canvas in our shoes. Instead, we have welts that are hand-sewn in the thickness of the innersole. We use a natural material that is both thick and flexible and more importantly, we use a material of great quality. As a result of the density, each of our customers will mold the shoe to his foot over time. This refined method of providing and creating comfort is evidence that hand-sewn products are of incomparable quality.

There is a finesse as well as an aesthetic that cannot be imitated. Our highly talented craftsmen truly make all the difference. Their 30 years of experience in this craft provides them with exceptional dexterity. It transpires, for instance, with the welt wheel mark on our unequal finish quality. Three hours of work is needed to sew one of our pairs, as opposed to the three minutes it takes when this task is automated.

Why do we persevere in our traditional method at a time when all fabrication is being automated? Because we believe that each of our creations bears our name and requires our commitment to quality. Being an independent, family owned house also provides us with the great privilege to prioritize creation and beauty for our customers. It is because of this comfort, this style and craft that Aubercy does not have just customers, but true lovers of footwear.