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Two variations on the same design, in our own recognisable style, this very elegant loafer takes a great deal of its inspiration from the English style. It was redesigned some time ago in homage to our famous « Lupin » while maintaining its sublime shape, hand assembly, hand stitching on the upper, its very fine sole, and above its perfect proportions and a strap that gives it an original look: on the « Alec » the strap is indented, and on the « Axel » it is smooth and even.


The Alfie is an historical design of the House, created in the 50s. It’s the essence of the Aubercy style, from the pure lines to the balance of the proportion of its pattern. The half-moon curves of the vamp showcase its personality. The Alfie is a new reference in Oxford designs.


A laced boot, Balmoral, of absolute purity, available in all shapes and leathers in our brand… Shoes that are unavoidable in a perfect outfit of all the well-dressed.


The Amadeo shoe is a beautiful 3 eyelet derby designed by Xavier Aubercy. Lacings are still straight. This time the inspiration has come from cubism and combining of opposites in unique ways. The point is to be unique while remaining easy to wear.


Absolute precision with this one eyelet Derby, who’s originality resides in its staggered and asymmetric tongue. The Arthez is shoe of refinement for all shoe lovers as the piping work on the upper can attest.


The Aura is an Oxford of a rare kind, with great proportions that the House wanted to highlight. The Upper perforation displays an A with refinement.


This unique model, Barthold features lines and style that are truly art deco, and it’s neither a Derby nor an Oxford, but somewhere in between. Created by Aubercy in the 1930s, it is both original and timeless in its appeal. Since its reintroduction, the originality of the pattern has made the Barthold one of our most preferred designs among elegant Parisian clients.


The Beckford is a reference to the famous English dandy, this model features the attributes of English measurement forms. 5 eyelet Lyre-type Oxford, with perforated straight toe cap. This is one of our first on the new Mesure last (Last 034), designed in the spirit of the round lollipop last.


The Besteguy is an original creation. This Derby with a unique facing expresses the philosophy Aubercy (creativity, elegance, timelessness). The unique lacing and vamp make the shoe really exceptional.


Very old model of the 30s, the Boris is an Oxford with 5 eyelets. The shoe was originally a sports shoe, but has been redesigned and revisited. Its personality resides on the big opening which is not straight but slightly off-centered. A very refined shoe with a touch of originality.


This creation’s uniqueness resides in the cut of the pattern and the specific design in the perforation. This is a variation of one of Aubercy’s famous classics that is both original and easy to wear on a daily basis. Note too the subtle burgundy piping all along the shape of the upper.


Charles II

A variation of our famous classical derby type “Chasse”, proposed with a stitching sewn by hand on the apron. A wonder both aesthetical and technical available in two, three, four or five eyelets for a timeless elegance.


This Colin is 5 eyelet medallion type Oxford. The pattern makes of this shoe a quite unique.  The sobriety of the shoe is perfect for 2 materials or a subtle patina.

Crazy Lace

The Crazy Lace is the result of a vision of designing a lacing never seen before, replacing the always so straight and regular lacing. Bringing a bit of irregularity to display audacity. Set on a one-cut, the Aubercy is a unique shoe.


The Dario was originally a custom creation. A loafer without a tassel but only a simple hand stitch on the tray of the shoe. A fine piping around the upper allows more delicate combinations. The Dario is a very surprising loafer.


An original design, the Duncan is an Oxford with 4 eyelets which like many shoes of the House is very unique. The exclusive pattern and upper welt allows for all type of associations and leatherwear. With or without a pendant, the Duncan is the expression of all we love at Aubercy.


The Ellipse is one of the first creation of Xavier Aubercy. A beautiful one-cut Oxford with 5 eyelets crafted from a single piece of skin. This shoe is both simple and original, thought with a curved lacing. Lovers of fine footwear will also admire the English edge work around the entire shoe, which emphasizes the design, details, grain, and contours of the last.


The Floris, is a two-eyelet derby created by our house, Twenty years ago,  in a Ghilies spirit … A unique model for a unique client, all what we love to realize at rue Vivienne.


The Ferrante buckle is an Aubercy original creation. The design of the tongue, the piping and the refine pattern allows creativity. A shoe which will make you appreciate and want to wear buckles.


With its featured lacing-up, the Ghilian was designed in reference to a great classic of our profession, the Ghillies. An atypical Derby, allowing to be combined at will. A shoe for the week or week-end.


A new, original creation of our brand that is this Gordon, which revisits the eternal Oxford, golf tipped with 5 eyelets, through a patron all in lines, curves, proportions and perforations installed there where one does not expect them.


The Harald is a new take of the eternal straight toe cap Oxford. The forceful line of the perforation is associated with a floral toe end which makes this Harald a very balanced shoe.


The Ivo is a buckle which distinguishes itself with a hand-sewed from edge to edge. This artisanal technique provides great finesse to the shoe.


A take on the famous James, the Jamie is a 5 eyelet Oxford with a round toe end, perforation, straight lines. A design that showcases the possibilities our workshop can offer.


The unique personality of the Janus loafer resides in its hand-sewed double stitching on the tray. Double the work but also double the pleasure in the creation of this audacious shoe.

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