The Lupin Club

The Hedonist Gentlemen Club 

Beauty has been the sole foundation of Aubercy shoes — for three generations.

We thought it essential to share this spirit in an elegant fashion and that is how the Club Lupin came into existence.

When you love beautiful things, you want to share them, through conversation, through testing and tasting.

We started out with boot-making but, as a group of people loving the authenticity of crafts and intent on discerning what the good things are, we are extending our interest to wines, food, timepieces and whatnot.

Beautiful things ought to lead to beautiful encounters. This congenial dimension needed a time and a place to blossom. Our hedonistic desires had to find a way to flourish, by making those crafts something to share.

Rue Vivienne, or even in some secret and unexpected places in Paris, we will taste some pretty impressive things and meet distinguished tailors, wine-makers, cooks, all of them staunch believers in defending their crafts.

And above all, we will enjoy that together.