Tag: Buckle



The Clarence is a timeless buckle from the House. It became an essential for all the lovers of this style of shoe. Great elegance paired with a refined style makes it versatile and easy to wear during all types of events.



The Ferrante buckle is an Aubercy original creation. The design of the tongue, the piping and the refine pattern allows creativity. A shoe which will make you appreciate and want to wear buckles.



The Ivo is a buckle which distinguishes itself with a hand-sewed from edge to edge. This artisanal technique provides great finesse to the shoe.



The Neil shoe is a historic of double buckle created by the house Aubercy in 1980. The “Neil” can be summed up on its own: all of the creative possibilities offered by our design house. It was designed so that the pants bottoms of the well-dressed man just cover one of the two buckles, so that the refinement of the shoe is both boldly displayed and cleverly hidden.



The history of this double buckle and its cousin, the Neil can be summed up on its own: all of the creative possibilities offered by our design house. Each of our creations is the expression of the request made by one of our clients to sport a buckle shoe, even a double buckle, different from those created and copied by the competition.



The Terrence is a buckle quite unique. The pattern of the shoe allow to image any combination of 2 materials. Using the Bespoke spirit, with delicate curves, the customer can also choose the buckle. A very rare shoe of elegance.



The Vassili is a beaded buckle with ornamented with hand-sewn apron stitching. This matching is a unique creation from the house. Each element of the shoe give a balance and rare elegance.