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The Indy is a Chukka-type boot. The proportion of the boot have been carefully designed to make it as chic in the city than in the country side. Throughout the seasons, it is offered in leather or suede on a rubber or leather sole. It is assembled on a square tapered very refined which makes it very elegant.



These stretch boots are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe and they are regularly offered on each of our house’s forms and throughout the seasons in a variety of leathers that are endlessly revisited, and yet always in a small, limited series…practical and refined.



A laced boot, Balmoral, of absolute purity, available in all shapes and leathers in our brand… Shoes that are unavoidable in a perfect outfit of all the well-dressed.



This button up boot Lawrence falls within the most pure expression of “Dandysm”, and it is the recreation of a model designed by André Aubercy at the end of the 1930s. We conserved the original. The form was inspired by Balmoral. The buttonholes are sewn by hand and for your daily needs, the shoe is delivered with a button pull.


Robin II

The Robin II is the Jodhpur boot of Vivienne street. The strap going around the ankle makes it exceptional. Beautiful whether the shoe is worn at work or on a week-end, this Robin boot can be selected in any color.

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Lawrence II

It was designed by one of our clients seeking to combine the patronage of our original Lawrence with design elements of our Speeke model: an even more special, Balmoral-style creation designed for true enthusiasts on a quest for perfection.