We are profoundly passioned of our craft.
That's why our shoes are so unique.

We are profoundly passioned of our craft.

That's why our shoes are so unique.

Feels like a second skin

Our skins come from the greatest french tanneries, but as well from more exclusive adresses.

We've found the perfect balance between durability and thickness of the skin.
Our skins are always of a 12 to 14mm thickness as to keep the beauty of the core leather which provides the velvety texture and aestethic.
Our skins remain a entire month on their lasts. This unique way ensures that the shoes will maintain their exact shape for the rest of their life.

In a great shape

Bootmakers have designed our lasts.
They are the product of 85 years of experience.
Their fit is exceptional.

Would you like an Art Deco chiseled toe ? Would you rather wear a soft rounded shoe ? Or maybe you would desire a Italian-inspired last ?

Pick any of our historical lasts or get ready for the mind-blowing experience of our most advanced ones : your future favorite last is at Aubercy.

Our house offers more than 8 main lasts and 8 different width, all of which is regularly improved by our craftsmen.

All available from Bespoke to Ready-to-Wear.

Seamless seams

Our seams are doubled for maximum durability.
Yet, they are amongst the thinest you'll ever see.

Our shoes display five seams per centimenter, which is exceptional : the hole left by the needle is invisible and the thread is perfectly maintained.
A true technical feat.

Bespoke's quality. In ready-to-wear

All of our midsoles are rounded by hand.

Our shoes always display flat biding rather than slip biding.
As it involves the hand, it's often a feature of Bespoke shoes.

Unmatched refinement

Each and every one of our shoes display the mark of a roller on the upper of the sole.

The regularity of the milling and the size of the wheel of 12 notching every 2.5 cm gives the Aubercy shoes its unique style.
During the milling of the soles, which is considered a refinement, the edge width are design to be about 3mm.
Elegance with finesse.

Goodyear welted ?

Upon customer's request, we can hand welt shoes with the Goodyear technique.
As it's handmade, it's then called "cousu trépointe".

Our cousu trépointe is exceptionally thin.
It's quality is of bespoke's.

Take a step back

For the finishing touches, we mill in the throat of the heel.

The sole is notched in a heel tail.

The right piece, last layer of leather in the heel, is pegged 7 times.

That's not all! Our heels are finished by hand.
In a slight angle, they won't tear trousers.
They are decorated by a star, Aubercy's emblem.

The perfect soles to walk a mile.

Our soles are always under etched
A thin layer of leather protects the welt.

The leather of the sole are chosen with « extra slow » tanning.
Our founder's signature decorates the soles.