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Our collections


Since 1935, for Aubercy, ready-to-wear has always been done with the utmost bootmaker spirit. This artisanal dimension gives the craft the most important dimension. The most beautiful leathers are always chosen, the artisans take the time to always do the perfect movement and pay attention to the greatest details. The lastings for each shoe are done by hand.

The French style of the house is expressed through the refine and historical lines. A great attention is always given to the quality of the footwear to provide the best feel.

The inspiration is the one of a limited edition. Only a few pairs for each model are made for the Vivienne street. Our Ready-to-wear shoes are available ranging from 4 to 14, in 8 different width from A to H. Prices start at 999 euros.

Special Order: Each model from our Ready-to-wear selection can be customized, you can pick the leatherwear, the color, the welt…


One of the unique characteristics of house Aubercy is that we offer the option of having a unique pair created according to your own taste.

The first advantage is the footwear. Our shapes can be modified and can be as unique as you want and can be customized for each foot. The custom shape can be kept for each of our clients for future requests. The idea is total identification with your footwear. Additionally, the client can choose the material, color, lining options, burnishing options, stitching types, seams, colors, and finishing.

The house offers a selection of our exclusives and original models. The client can go as far as modifying the pattern or even redesign it. An exclusive model, that only you would be wearing.

The made-to-order option takes about four months of work because the lasting of each shoe is done by hand. Prices start at 1500 euros.



Bespoke represents the haute couture of our craft, the quintessence of shoe making. It is the absolute, which every true aesthete in the search of beauty dreams of wearing one day on his feet.

It represents the meeting between the essence of our house and an exceptional bootmaker. It’s an out of time moment, the realization of a singular envy which will be imagined, formulated, invented and elaborated. In the bespoke atelier of Vivienne street, only the hand of the artisan is at work.

Bespoke is the expression of the perfect technical gesture, where, at every moment, hand and heart go together in the quest of the absolute.

Leather goods



Our leather goods are designed with the same spirit as our footwear: a desire for original and refined style, the same insistence of technical perfection, and the same exceptional skins available in hundreds of different materials and colors.

In addition to our products in stock, we offer customers looking for something new the possibility of special ordering items such as belts, card holders, briefcases, wallets, luggage (Cardinal, Jet Lag, Dandy…) Each of the items were thought as a companion to the daily routine or great travels alike.

Other lines

Our other lines represent all the creativity and dynamism of our house as well as the love for our craft in all its diversity. They express themselves across several collections: the « Lady Line » where each of our 300 existing men’s models can be created on feminine forms and finishing; a sneaker made in our shop, where the same artisanal approach is applied, or the « Etretat » moccasin with its exclusive sole to fulfill the wishes of our customers who only want to wear Aubercy.

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