“I love shoes because they play a very particular role in masculinity. A shoe touches seduction intensely and unconsciously but more importantly it helps reveal the man who wears them. Shoes expresses his taste, passion, mind and character.

Our history is first and foremost humane, a love story that I share with immensely talented artisans. In an ever changing world, our family has always wanted to keep the house independant in order to preserve our vision of beauty.

Aubercy is unique and incomparable. You must take one of our shoes in your hand to really understand, grasp, and feel this alchemy. We make a little under 1000 shoes per year, a testimony of our devotion to quality and respect. Shoes in its purest form with a touch of flair.

Each one of our shoes embodies our passion and our vision of true “a la carte” luxury where everyone can accomplish their desires. A unique creation should always tell a great story, the one you wish. An exceptional object can only become truly noble, in my opinion, when it brings people together.

I wanted my house like a place of harmony where talented artisans meet to create beautiful shoes. Like an orchestrator, I work alongside the shoemaker, the shaper and the bootmaker, allowing them to fully exploit their craft like true artists expressing their know-how.

Every day, I have the joy to live my passion with my family. We creating the most beautiful shoes possible while ensuring that in each Aubercy shoe, “what is not seen must be even more beautiful.” We do it for our fantastic customers who are careful about their choices, for the love of sharing a passion, the art of living well and a customized elegance both refined and timeless.”

Xavier Aubercy