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Our only limit is your imagination

Le derby asymétrique Besteguy en box vert empire

One of the unique characteristics of house Aubercy is that we offer the option of having a unique pair created according to your own taste.

The first advantage is the footwear. Our shapes can be modified and can be as unique as you want and can be customized for each foot. The custom shape can be kept for each of our clients for future requests. The idea is total identification with your footwear. Additionally, the client can choose the material, color, lining options, burnishing options, stitching types, seams, colors, and finishing.

The house offers a selection of our exclusives and original models. The client can go as far as modifying the pattern or even redesign it. An exclusive model, that only you would be wearing.

The made-to-order option takes about four months of work because the lasting of each shoe is done by hand. Prices start at 1500 euros.