The Dandy's ideal

This buttoned boot Lawrence simply is the most pure expression of “Dandysm”.
It is the recreation of a model designed by André Aubercy at the end of the 1930s.
We conserved the original. Nowadays, its designed is still inspired by balmoral boots. The buttonholes are still hand-sewn and for your daily needs, the shoe is delivered with a button pull.

La bottine Lawrence à boutons imaginée par André Aubercy et la bottine Lawrence moderne

The André Aubercy’s Lawrence, on the left, next to the contemporary Lawrence on the right. 

A two tones Lawrence

La bottine à boutons Lawrence

A beautiful brown cameo

La bottine Lawrence en marron

One tone Lawrence

La bottine à boutons Lawrence en bi matière, cuir et daim noirs

Two tones Lawrence

La bottine Lawrence à boutons en marron bergeronnette et en toile

Why not use the same tweed as your suits?

Lawrence is highly customizable in daring fabrics and colors !

Le Lawrence en commande spéciale. Cuir noir et chevreau glacé, intérieur rouge