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The Andre shoe is the first Derby of House. Created by André Aubercy in the 30s. Two eyelet with pure lines which gives it a beautiful French style. For shoe aesthete…



The Barry is a classic English style loafer. The hand-sewn apron and round last for absolute comfort provides the shoe with great charm and timelessness.


The Constant is a straight toe-cap Oxford from Vivienne Street. The perfect proportions of the pattern, the finesse of the seams and its beautiful form makes it a must-have for all shoe lovers.


The Clarence is a timeless buckle from the House. It became an essential for all the lovers of this style of shoe. Great elegance paired with a refined style makes it versatile and easy to wear during all types of events.


Iconic and historical model of our house, the « Darcy » is made of a zest of an English Penny Loafer, a dash of Italian Bespoke and above all of an immense touch of this French elegance, symbol of all stylistic expression of rue Vivienne

With its tongue of unique proportions, its lines as tense as elongated, it has been thought as a glove for the foot… And above all to match both with a suit during the week and a pair of trousers during the weekend. 

A true purist shoe, available in black and chocolate brown or in all the other leather colors of our house in special order. 


Loafer with a hand sowed tassel on its tray. The Dorian is a creation of the 60’s that is still very relevant. The remarkable piping work all around the upper and the A shaped tassel gives the shoe its true essence as an Aubercy Tassel Loafer.


Edward is a 5 eyelet Oxford shoes with a floral golf toe cap is a great classic of masculine elegance. The great perforation work underlines the beauty of the shape, typical of the Aubercy style.


This Elton is a Franco-English design with a 5-eyelet Oxford, with medallion and two-toned quarter. Purists will love the perfect stitching and hind quarters, descending all the way to the back of the heel. It’s a work of art you can wear every day.


The Gianni is an iconic loafer of the House. Since the 70s, it has always been present in our collections. Its shape is forever contemporary. The thin sole, the elastic both very useful and discreet as well as the beautiful peccary leatherwear make this shoe a must-own for those who care just as much about style than they do about comfort.


The Indy is a Chukka-type boot. The proportion of the boot have been carefully designed to make it as chic in the city than in the country side. Throughout the seasons, it is offered in leather or suede on a rubber or leather sole. It is assembled on a square tapered very refined which makes it very elegant.


The James is a 5 eyelet Oxford, straight toe cap with perforation. One of the first shoe the House created, it presents a very large pattern. Probably the most English shoe of House Aubercy. The beautiful shape, round and tapered was inspired by the English style and was revisited by the Vivienne street.



The Joris pays hommage to one of the founding figures on Dandysm. This boot, Chukkra inspired revisits the style audaciously while keeping its essence. Pure lines, dynamic curves provides this shoe with great balance and elegance.


The Larry Oxford is the expression of all the possibilities our workshop provides. The drawing was done by one of our close friend and today the model joins our Made to order collection. This shoe is a testimony that tradition and creativity can be combined.


The Lupin is a reference to the gentleman swindler, a master of seduction. A loafer whose originality stems from the very creative buckle strap bearing a design, like a mask tinted with mystery and elegance. Assembly and hand-sewing on the apron, the Lupin, one of the signature pieces of the house, we a great balance of a rare elegance. The Lupin is a staple of French shoes.

Lupin Crocodile

Our iconic loafer Lupin with its recognizable mask, hand sowed tray and magnificent rare leatherwear. Available in ready-to-wear, the Lupin with crocodile leather is a shoe for true shoe lovers.


These stretch boots are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe and they are regularly offered on each of our house’s forms and throughout the seasons in a variety of leathers that are endlessly revisited, and yet always in a small, limited series…practical and refined.


The Monte Carlo is a very supple loafer which offers great comfort. With a little touch from the 70s, the shoe was designed for all crocodile and French Riviera lovers.


An absolute must-have that thrills lovers of fine skins that are both supple and sturdy and offer unparalleled comfort. This 4 eyelet Derby, with perforated peccary straight toe cap, is one of the great classics that is harder and harder to find these days. However, at Aubercy, where sizing qualities are unique, we still thrill lovers of fine footwear the world over. Mounted on a thin rubber sole for great walking enjoyment.


The Solal is a loafer with a no-stitch pompom. Imagined in the 70s by Philippe Aubercy to reconcile suits and loafers. The pump-type apron is extremely simple in form. The Solal provides a rare aesthetic of an extremely refined loafer.


The Swann is a magnificent 5 eyelet Oxford, with straight toe. Available since the beginning of the House, this shoe is one of the most popular one. The French allure of this great classic resides on the great and subtle proportions. The Swann is elegant and timeless.


The William is a 5 eyelet Derby, straight toe cap and stamp. The shoe was first created at the House for all the refined brokers. Inspired by an English style, our hand-sewn goodyear gives it great finesse.


The Xavier is an « One cut » 5 eyelet in Oxford style. André Aubercy who founded the house Aubercy already offered this lacquered evening shoe. The minimalist beauty of this shoe come from its tapered shape, the work on the hand-lasting and the requirement given to every little details. With a pure architecture and natural wonder, the Xavier is a must have shoe at Aubercy.

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