Bespoke is the Haute Couture of magnificent bootmaking. It is certainly the most exceptional of what we can realize with leather, thread and wood. If we were to draw a parallel with fine watchmaking, it would be a grand complication like the perpetual calendar or the minute repetition, which is to say an ideal form which can only be realized by hand.

For an aesthete, Bespoke is the fulfillment of an absolute dream seen as the accomplishment of masculine elegance, a desire to aim to what one could have still more beautiful, when one thought he had already everything. Each creation is a unique story starting with a client’s desire and a white piece of paper. The story is written together with the artisan and takes shape gradually, stretching out towards perfection and arriving at the creation of a model, which is unique in the world.

Aubercy, established in 1935, is today the last bootmaker entirely family-owned and independent in Paris, and can only conceive Bespoke in a particular spirit. A spirit specific to a human-sized company, to the passion which animates each and every one, to the permanent desire to surpass to satisfy those few connoisseurs around the world and finally, to the desire to respect above all the values of this beautiful craft.

All this could only be expressed through one desire: to create only the most exceptional. It is why in our workshop every step has been thought to continue all bespoke techniques, just like they used to be done more than 50 years ago, and which for us remain timeless. Modeled on the image of the « Tuczek » from our collection, which have influenced our work and continue to inspire it.

And it is equally why we entrusted our workshop to a Japanese bookmaker, because over and above his marvelous technique, we share the fact that, in order to realize a work of art, the hand must be guided by the heart, by the soul, by the humanity which makes us question ourselves so that we can always aim higher.

The birth of a pair of Bespoke shoes

The bootmaker will first listen and welcome the dream of the aesthete. Everything begins with a white piece of paper. The client will provide as many details as possible with no limitation. Each foot is drawn and measured.

The Bespoke experience is all about the relationship between the client and the bootmaker. From there, stems the beauty and magic of this exclusive creation. The client chooses the leatherwear from which only one pair will be cut: his pair.  Then we realize the trial fitting and in the end, the final pair which will be entirely handmade.

More than a long speech, the pleasure to let you discover a moviepictures from our workshop and some of our creations as a summary of 60 hours of work which are needed to create a Bespoke pair of shoes the way we conceive it. It is also an invitation through each of these steps to discover the quintessence of our know-how, and the high standards that define our workshop.


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