It is because we are still a family-owned independent house that our shoes are probably the most beautiful in the world.

Our artisan workshop can only produce by hand a few hundred pairs of shoes every year...
What if you were part of this elite circle of connaisseurs who - somewhere in the world - own a pair of Aubercy?
  • Lupin


    A reference to the gentleman swindler, a master of seduction. A loafer whose originality stems from the very creative buckle bearing a design, like a mask tinted with mystery and elegance. This is one of the signature pieces of the Aubercy design house and it is “probably one of the most beautiful loafers in the world.” Assembly and hand-sewing on the apron.

  • André
  • James
  • High-Quality Cobbler

    High-Quality Cobbler

    In order to accomplish what we wanted to create, within the world of extraordinary footwear, we needed to open a “high class repairs” (Haute Cordonnerie ©) workshop and a “patina” workshop of our own, to complement our “Grande Mesure” made-to-measure workshop in rue Vivienne.

  • Jekyll and Hyde

    Jekyll and Hyde

    La famille Aubercy s’est efforcée depuis 80 ans de défendre l’art du soulier fait à la main en faisant perdurer des techniques et des raffinements qui ne se font plus…Elle a aussi créé, dessiné, réalisé des modèles aussi uniques, que reconnaissables au premier coup d’oeil qui ont fait de la […]

  • Valentin
  • Edward
  • Lawrence II

    Lawrence II

    An extremely beautiful variant of our unique and famous button boot with its upper refinements and hand-made eyelets. It perfectly embodies the know-how and skill of our workshop.

  • Crazy Lace
  • Lawrence


    This button up boot falls within the most pure expression of high fashion, and it is the recreation of a model designed by André Aubercy at the end of the 1930s. We conserved the original. The form was inspired by Balmoral. The buttonholes are sewn by hand and for your daily needs, the shoe is delivered with a button pull.